Antistatic Paint Suits are Critically Important to Producing Clean Paint Jobs

Automotive paint suits are well-established as safety garments that protect professional spray painters from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and toxic fumes associated with their job. However, wearing a protective spray suit isn’t just to help reduce health risks from hazardous elements. As with all of our CTW International products, paint suits with antistatic properties have been thoroughly tested to ensure a high-quality, clean paint job.  

Why should paint suits be “antistatic?”

Most styles of protective paint suits are made from synthetic materials that have the tendency to create a static charge created by the movement and friction occurring during painting. This static charge attracts unwanted contaminants like dust onto the suit and into the paint booth. Bringing these particles into the booth could result in a “dirty” or less than perfect paint job.

When spraying paint in the booth, the dust may jump from the suit to the surface being painted due to the electrostatic charges which can adversely affect the finish of the vehicle. To avoid a blemish in the paint job, painters should always wear a tested and trusted spray suit that is either made out of an antistatic material or can be treated with an antistatic coating so as to dissipate this static electricity and overcome this common issue.

Antistatic Coating vs Antistatic Material

The two different types of antistatic spray suits are those treated with an antistatic coating or those made out of antistatic fabric. For nonwoven fabrics, an anti-static treatment is applied by spraying the surface of the finished paint suit or by treating the fabric before production. These types of suits are washable up to five washes. For other spray suits, a special carbon thread is woven directly into the fabric, thereby providing permanent anti-static properties, no matter the number of washings. 

Antistatic Paint Suits from CTW

We offer both antistatic coating and antistatic material spray paint suits. Suits can range in sizes from small to 6XL. Your custom logo can be embroidered or screen printed through our Private Labeling service, helping to promote your brand and adding an even higher degree of professionalism.

Antistatic Coated Paint Suits

CTW Nylon Paint Suit

The CTW Nylon Paint Suit is made from premium lint-free, anti-static coated nylon fabric. It includes a highly breathable, stretch fabric mesh on the back of the suit and hood for heat release and comfort. The hood is attached and features a soft, elastic enclosure creating a very comfortable, custom fit around the face. The two-way zipper has a fabric pull tab and features a storage compartment to protect your chin when fully zipped. Elastic cuffs at the wrists and ankles provide a soft feel and help retain sweat. There are two rear pockets and a front zippered chest pocket for easy-access storage for small items. 

Original Spray Suit

The Original Spray Suit is made of lint-free, breathable, anti-static coated polyester fabric, with an attached hood. This garment is designed to keep paint surfaces free of contaminants and keep the painter comfortable for long wear with elastic at the waist, wrist, and ankles, and a full two-way zipper allows for easy removal. Like the Nylon Paint Suit, the Original Spray Suit is washable up to five times without losing its antistatic coating. 

CTW Black Nylon & Carbon Fiber Paint Suit

The CTW Black Nylon Paint Suit is constructed with carbon Fiber threads for permanent anti-static properties. This suit is made of highly breathable stretch fabric on the back, armpits, and back of the hood for heat release and comfort. This nylon suit is built for long-lasting wear and washing will never diminish its antistatic properties. It has a two-way zipper with a rubber pull tab for easy access with gloves, soft cuffs at the wrists that are very comfortable and trap sweat, and soft elastic fabric around the hood for a very comfortable, custom fit.

If you’re looking for other thoughtfully selected automotive products, our paint suits are just one type of essential auto body paint supplies we carry. View our entire CTW collection of paint cups, masking tape, spray bottles, mixing cups, and more high-quality products. 

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