What to Know About Automotive Spray Cup Systems

One of the most consumable products for applying coatings is the paint spray cup system. Since you’re most likely using disposable spray cups it’s important to be aware of how using the right spray cups will save you money. But how do you choose the most cost-effective and high-quality full spray cup system?

A spray cup system is your all-in-one cup, liner, lid, and collar method guaranteeing a paint job is done well the first time, in the shortest amount of time, every time. Experienced painters know it’s not only your skill and technique that produces a successful final result–you need the right quality tools to efficiently create a clean and finished product you’re proud to present to your customers.

An automotive spray cup system makes your prep work effortless. For example, you can mix and measure your auto paint easily in the hard cup after inserting the liner. From there, the filter lid should be placed on the cup, followed by the collar. An easy system like this now allows you to begin spraying all in one process. And once you’re done spraying, post-work cleanup is quick and painless. 

If you are looking for the right spray cup system to purchse, here are some things to consider:

What Does an Automotive Spray Cup System Include?

  • Hard Cup
  • Lids
  • Collar
  • Liners
  • Stoppers

What Paint Spray Cup Sizes are Available?

  • 90ml (3oz) – Recommend cup size for small spot repairs.
  • 180ml (6oz) – Recommend cup size for one-panel repairs or small spots.
  • 400ml (13.5oz) – Recommend cup size for multi-panel repairs or medium spots.
  • 650ml (22oz) – Recommend cup size for full, complete paint projects. 
  • 850ml (28oz) – Recommend cup size for large, comprehensive paint projects.

What are the Automotive Spray Cup Features?

One Complete System:
Your best choice for automotive spray cups is to find a complete disposable paint gun cup system. A paint cup system combines all car paint preparation steps into one simple process, helping you save time in the auto body repair shop. 

Easy Cleaning:
You want paint cups and parts that are simple to clean. If you’re able to easily detach from the spray gun and toss the lid and liner, it makes cleanup is easy.  

Easy Storage:
Storage is quick and easy with spill-proof paint cups. By sealing the lid with the stopper, the paint stays fresh for later use. 

Each component of a spray cup system should be manufactured precisely to ensure a snug fit among the cup, collar, and liner, eliminating costly and messy paint leaks.

Find a system whose lids include a full diameter filter to equalize pressure. This allows for consistent paint flow and will prevent spitting. 

A rigid, durable collar creates a secure connection to the hard cup preventing any stripping or breaking over time. 

A closed system will allow you to paint with the spray gun at any angle including completely upside down. 

Purchasing a quality, cost-effective spray cup system helps you not only save money but has the potential for you to profit over time. 

Reinforced Nozzle:
A reinforced nozzle will help prevent breakage and will provide a more secure connection to your spray paint gun adaptor. 

Collapsable Liner:
A high-quality plastic collapsable liner will maximize your paint use and in turn, minimize waste and save you money. 

What is the Recommended Automotive Spray Cup System?


CTW Spray Cup System

The CTW Spray Cup System is the best quality disposable paint cup system on the market. Its simple and efficient four-piece disposable paint cup system is familiar to many paint professionals. Manufactured to the CTW Standard, these spray paint cups are made of top-self, silicone-free materials that you can trust. 

If you are searching for more thoughtfully selected auto body paint supplies, view the full CTW catalogue of spray bottles, mixing cups, masking tape, and more. 

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