Features of the Best Automotive Paint Suit

Professional autobody spray painters know there are plenty of reasons why you should always wear a paint suit. But with all of the automotive paint suits and lab coats out there, you may find it difficult to determine which spray paint suit is right for you or your team. 

Protective suits are important to the health of the painters and the quality of the job. Your first step is deciding between a full paint suit or a painter’s lab coat. After you’ve made this choice, you can help narrow down your search with the features of the best automotive paint suit. 

The following are some features to consider for auto body protection suits:

Type of Fabric:
There are multiple types of fabric that paint overalls can be made of including polyester, nylon, carbon fiber, and other material; however, nylon is a top recommended fabric. 

Lint-free Material:
To help ensure a perfect finish, make sure a coverall or coat is made out of lint-free materials.

Anti-static Material:
Another critical aspect of the fabric is that the material is anti-static so there will be no static discharge while painting.

A key feature to help manage temperature while wearing a full-body spray suit is its breathability. Design ffeatures such as stretch fabric mesh on the back of the suit and hood will allow heat release and help you stay cooler.

Elastic Cuffs: 
Soft cuffs around the wrists, ankles, and waist of a suit or coat help with sweat retention and also provide more comfort for the wearer.

Attached Hood:
A hood attachment on your automotive lab coat or paint suit is an excellent way to keep your head, ears, and hair protected during a spray paint project. 

For quick and easy access to smaller items that you might need to carry, choose a paint suit with pockets for storage.  

Easy Entry & Exit:
Details such as a two-way zipper help aid convenient entry to and exit from the spray paint suit. Premium features like a soft zipper pocket helps protect the chin and  fabric or rubber pull tabswork great while wearing gloves. 

Many disposable paint suits are not machine washable or don’t hold up well after multiple cleanings. Find a suit that is fully washable and durable.

It might be convenient to discard a disposable paint suit after use, but investing in a heavy-duty, high-quality reusable paint suit can save you money in the long run and minimize waste. 

Private Labeling:
You can embroider or screen print your logo on the chest or back of the paint suits and lab coats to personalize your protective apparel and build your brand. 

Here’s our top recommendation, with all of the features you demand: 


The CTW Nylon Paint Suit is constructed of nylon that is lint-free, anti-static nylon,a nd very durable. The back of this automotive paint suit and its hood is made of a mesh fabric that is highly breathable to increase heat release. It has an attached hood that has a soft, elastic enclosure which allows it to fit comfortably. 

See all of the thoughtfully selected paint suits available from CTW. ​​Contact us with any questions about our protective suits and other autobody paint supplies today.