How Using The Right Spray Cups Will Save You Money

Professional painters in the automotive, marine, industrial, and government service fields know just how important it is to improve efficiency and minimize costs while also maintaining the quality and care of the work. One way to help save money is by reducing excess waste. Often lowering paint waste comes from using correct techniques, such as proper spray distance, angle, and speed. 

While there are many money-saving techniques that can help you, it is also important to use the proper equipment. Using the right size spray gun cups will save you money both on cups (smaller cups cost less) and paint (less chance of over-mixing). Here’s a quick guide for paint cup sizes based on what type of job is required:

  • use a 90ml (3oz) cup for very small spot repairs.
  • use a 180ml (6oz) cup for a smaller, singular panel or a spot repair.
  • use a 400ml (13.5oz) cup for repairs that cover a couple of panels or medium touchup.
  • use a 650ml (22oz) cup for projects that will require a full amount of paint materials. 
  • use an 850ml (28oz) cup for larger, fuller paint projects.

Keep a full stock of each of these size paint cups in your shop to ensure you will always have the right cup for the job. 

Along with using the best cup size, it is even more important to use the best spray cup system. So what features should you look for in a spray cup that will save you time and money in the long run?

To begin, use a high quality spray cup system. The paint cup lid must attach securely to the spray gun, thereby prevening leaks and spills. The collar must be re-enforced to securely connect the lid, liner and hard cups. You need a cup that will not strip or break upon attachment and reattachment. Finally, you want to purchase a product made out of only top-shelf, silicone-free materials.

Don’t waste time on difficult to assembly or difficult-to-clean spray cup systems. Use a highly collapsable liner to minimize paint waist and to ensure a highquality finish. Your spray system should allow you quick and efficient swapping for multi-use projects. Remember time is money, so your ease and efficiency are important. 

You could over-pay for the spray cup system from one of the national brands, but what if there was an option that is a fraction of the price with unbeatable quality?  

The premium quality CTW Spray Cup System combines all the steps of paint preparation into one easy system. Simply insert the liner into our hard cup to mix and measure, snap the filter lid on the cup, thread the collar on the hard cup, and you are ready to spray. The closed system allows you to spray with the gun at any angle, even upside down. 

CTW paint cups are easy to clean. Simply detach from the spray gun and discard the lid and liner for fast cleanup, or seal the spill-proof cup lid with the indluded stoppers for later use, as CTW paint cups are perfect for conserving unused paint.

Want to know more about the best quality system on the market? Contact CTW International today!