Aluminum Special Polyester Hard Putty

The Aluminum Special Polyester Hard Putty is a special polyester hard putty for aluminum, steel, and zinc surfaces.

We’ll put our money where our mouth is.

We understand that you need to test products to fully understand the quality and reliability it holds. So, we will send you a sample pack on us!

Technical Details


6 per case

  • Special polyester hard putty for aluminium, steel, and zinc surfaces
  • For filling bodywork edges, the first layer on welded seams, smoothing or filling PU bonded panels, filling deep uneven areas where tin coating is not possible
  • Very low-temperature expansion
  • The very high degree of hardness
  • Flexible
  • Absorbs vibrations and oscillation

Part Numbers

Part No. Size Count
148.524 Aluminum Special Putty, including hardener, 1.8kg 6 per case