Liquid Polyester Finishing Putty

The Carsystem Liquid Putty polyester putty is a liquid putty perfect for leveling out small imperfections, dents and scratches. The Liquid Putty provides a perfect result free of pores.

We’ll put our money where our mouth is.

We understand that you need to test products to fully understand the quality and reliability it holds. So, we will send you a sample pack on us!

Technical Details


8 per case

  • For filling small surface imperfections like scratches and pinholes before primer
  • Can be used for filling up to 3mm deep imperfections
  • Adheres to metal, body filler, wood, fiberglass, catalysed primers and old sanded OEM topcoats
  • Provides a perfect result free of pores

Part Numbers

Part No. Size Count
143.496 Liquid Putty Polyester Finishing Putty including hardener 1.04kg 8 per case