Spray Hard Cup & Collar

The Hard Cup & Collar are two of the four-piece parts for the CTW Spray Cup System. The rigid, durable collar assures a secure connection to the hard cup, time after time, without stripping or breaking. Premium quality hard cup and collar available for 90ml to 850ml paint cups.

We’ll put our money where our mouth is.

We understand that you need to test products to fully understand the quality and reliability it holds. So, we will send you a sample pack on us!

Technical Details


1 Hard Cup & 1 Collar 


Silicone-free materials

Part Numbers

Part No. Size Count
HC-90 Hard Cup and Collar 90ML 1 hard cup / 1 collar
HC-180 Hard Cup and Collar 180ML 1 hard cup / 1 collar
HC-400 Hard Cup and Collar 400ML 1 hard cup / 1 collar
HC-650 Hard Cup and Collar 650ML 1 hard cup / 1 collar
HC-850 Hard Cup and Collar 850ML 1 hard cup / 1 collar