Determining the Value of a Quality PPS Spray Cup

What are the beneficial and profitable factors you need to look for from a pps spray paint cup?

If you work in the automotive industry you need quality spray cups to achieve the best paint and collision repairs. But with all the options available, how do you determine value when choosing spray paint cups?  

There is a wide range of spray paint cup systems out there from the expensive “big brand” cups to low-quality knock-offs. The big names might entice you with convoluted rebate programs, but that’s not enough to gain any meaningful profitability. And saving money with cheap cups isn’t worth risking the quality of your paint jobs. Is it even possible to find premium spray cups at an affordable price?

That answer is yes, and we can prove why. Here are the factors you should consider when picking the cups that are best for you and your customers.

First, let’s examine the quality of the spray cup system. You can’t afford to compromise on anything less than excellent. Any failure in the form of breakage, leakage, spillage, or clogging results in costly losses of both time and money. As it is well-known, paint and labor are quite pricey so no risks should be taken with a poor quality cup causing a loss of material or creating downtime for clean-up and refinishing. This is why the efficacy of each piece in a spray cup system is so critical. 

Hard Cups

It should be no surprise that the hard cup of the spray cup system is a vital component of the system. Find a cup system manufactured from only top-shelf, silicone-free materials. It’s important to look for multiple-size offerings for both water-based and solvent-based uses. CTW’s hard cup offers a bulletproof design and the best materials available, and they are available in a full range of sizes from 3oz to 28oz cups. 


It’s crucial to ensure a spray cup system includes lids with a full diameter filter to equalize pressure and prevent failure. This allows for consistent paint flow and will prevent spitting. One of the recurring finds in our product development was the need for a reinforced nozzle. The nozzle is a common fail point, so our reinforced nozzle prevents breakage and provides a secure connection to the paint gun adaptor. Also, make sure lids are available for both water and solvent-based paints. 


A rigid, durable collar secures the connection to the hard cup without any stripping or breaking. An important characteristic to ensure the strength of the collar involves inspecting the collar lock system. A full-thread turn collar has an increased opportunity to cause issues with the seal because it requires more turns. A quarter-turn lock collar is the better and more reliable option like the one offered in the CTW Spray Cup System. 


Only trust spray paint systems with a pliable, collapsible liner that’s made of high-quality plastics. Liners should collapse well to maximize paint use and minimize waste as every ounce of paint unused and left in the liner is money lost. 

Overall the best disposable paint gun cups combine all the steps of paint preparation into one easy-to-use, quality system. Without risking costly issues with low-end paint cups, does that mean you have to go with the expensive “big company” cups? CTW provides that solution. 

Spray Paint Cup

The CTW Spray Cup System is the best quality and most affordable disposable paint cup system on the market. Our simple and efficient four-piece disposable paint cup system is trusted by paint professionals and doesn’t compromise on any of the features needed to provide exceptional results for any auto body shop. Manufactured to the CTW Standard, these spray paint cups have a proven track record that you can rely on. 

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out to the CTW International sales team if you have any questions or would like any further information. 

Would you rather see for yourself? We understand that you need to test products for yourself to know the quality and reliability so we’ll send you a sample on us. Request a free sample pack today.  

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