Refinish Restorer

Refinish Restorer is a high-quality restorer of unpainted plastics which have been faded by the sun.  After using Refinish Restorer the plastic will look like new again.  Refinish Restorer is long-lasting and has a perfect finish.  

We’ll put our money where our mouth is.

We understand that you need to test products to fully understand the quality and reliability it holds. So, we will send you a sample pack on us!

Technical Details


6 or 12 per case

  • Refinish Restorer perfectly and effortlessly removes polish splashes, stains, and spots on plastic.
  • Refinish Restorer is a transparent liquid that is easy to apply on plastic surfaces, using any polishing cloth. 
  • It achieves excellent results on unpainted plastic surfaces. 
  • Refinish Restorer contains no silicone. 
  • For exterior use only.

Part Numbers

Part No. Size Count
151.07 Refinish Restorer 250ml 12 per case
151.071 Refinish Restorer 1L 6 per case